Social Networking the BM (Brick & Mortar)

I’m sitting in the local Dunkin Donuts writing a blog entry on my iPhone – not really a remarkable event. I guess the remarkable part revolves around the question “Why Dunkin Donuts?” as I am – without question – a die-hard Starbucks drinker (pause to sip the toasted almond they don’t serve at Starbucks).

Points. My wife is kicking my ass – she has 39 more points than me and I really just can’t live with that. No – not DD loyalty or anything like that – but foursquare points. Foursquare has been around for a while, but for those of you not conversant with the social networking scene, it doesn’t stop at MySpace, Facebook, & LinkedIn. Foursquare scores your travels based on new experiences, loyalty, and generally getting out and participating in life. Somehow – perversely – I believe this actually will tip a few dollars over to small businesses as people play the social game and try to outscore their friends by picking up new venues. Hopefully we don’t see the occasional mugging from people over-riding their better judgement and checking in to places they aught not be in (think I need a grammar social network…)

Of course, as I’m writing this Chris is texting me to ask me when I’ll be home – which is after I pick up a few more points. That’s the other side of this, which de-personalizes the experience – I should be out with my family getting points. But the last time we did that Chris was checking in right along with me and I couldn’t get ahead – sigh.

Closing and heading home – there’s a Stop & Shop on the way – wonder if we need milk…


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David is the COO of Beacon BPM Solutions and the President and Founder of PSInd. He has been working in the consulting sector for the banking, financial services, insurance, transportation and telecommunications industries for over 20 years. David began work as an operations consultant after completing his initial tour of duty as an active duty US Army officer with responsibility for operations planning and oversight for site and movement security of nuclear weapons. He has spent considerable time working with Pegasystems building the PRPC BPMS offering and deploying successful BPM implementations on that platform.
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