I like to keep My Resume and bio available to any who may need my assistance in driving their strategic IT initiatives here…

My latest attempt at a Linksys Cable Modem Upgrade revealed some interesting insights into where Linksys is going and further revealed some interesting limitations in the cdc_ether module in the Linux kernel…

My thoughts on green computing go beyond simple scaling and clustering. While these tactics are effective, we should consider where the software industry has gone in the last 20 years and the implications of adopting some of the new best practices on overall performance of applications. With the cost of energy on the rise, we should question conventional wisdom that was adopted without consideration for operational implications of running some of today’s complex enterprise software solutions. Is conventional wisdom true in all cases?

Virtualization technology is going to change the face of information technology over the next decade. The ability to deploy and run a virtualized environment quickly with solutions like MochaFive will inevitably lead to the reduced reliance on large scale data-centers to service the needs of global enterprises. Can open source solutions like qemu compete?

Portable operating systems on USB keys allow tremendous mobility and eliminate the risks in running your email, web queries, secure sessions, and other sensitive tasks on a system that is not guaranteed to be clean of viruses or malware. But is this really a silver bullet? How many such systems are capable of booting from your portable USB drive?

Most sound servers on Linux require the user to be logged in to run sound applications effectively. My dissapointment in not being able to run my PC system to drive music and video without having a current logged in session drove me to experiment a bit with Pulse Audio. I have not yet established a configuration that is satisfactory in addressing this gap, but it appears to be the only solution capable of consolidating the sound processing for multiple sessions on multiple PCs to a single service instance.