David’s Resume

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David J. Picard

5 Temple Street
Framingham, MA 01702-2402
Home: (508) 820-7209
Cellular: (508) 878-0187
E-mail: dpicard@psind.com


Executive level technology professional with strong experience in the direction, management, and execution of design, development, and integration of custom software solutions and COTS products on various hardware platforms and variants of the Linux, UNIX & Microsoft Windows operating systems. Candidate possesses strong analytical and team building abilities and has clear track record of identifying organizational challenges to establish strategies and drive them to closure accordingly.


PSInd, Framingham, MA November 1997 to Present

A consulting organization focused on identifying opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and assisting clients in bringing solutions and products to market. PSInd provides expertise in driving integrated business and technology solutions through leverage of enabling technologies such as BPMS platforms.

Owner / President

  • Provides strategic practice development consulting to services vendors hoping to break into the BPM marketplace and provision skilled services and solution offerings around market leading BPMS technologies such as Pegasystems PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC)
  • Provided guidance, systems design, and implementation leadership at a multi-billion dollar pharmacy benefits management firm for a therapeutic systems implementation program to implement capabilities not previously implemented on the PRPC BPMS platform in several applications under construction. Provided support and assistance for the international rollout of the first application to go live, troubleshooting infrastructure and systems issues onsite in Germany.
  • Collaborate closely with IT and business stakeholders at a multi-billion dollar property and casualty insurer to create an evaluation framework to drive decisioning process around selection of a BPMS platform for a $70M claims systems modernization project. The framework accounted for system capabilities, process complexity, reuse facilitation, and impact of selection on overall services effort. Delivered recommendation on time and within planned specifications.
  • Sponsors, manages, designs and builds mod_psldap, an Apache module capable of authenticating and authorizing the user against a secure LDAP server leveraging Basic Auth, Form based authentication, or cookie based authentication.
    • Support for DSML queries and reporting
    • LDAP server maintenance leveraging CSS, DSML (an XML variant for directory services)
    • Cross browser AJAX interface to manage LDAP records
    • Segregation of the presentation layer from the data management through XSL allowing simple modification / customization by the end user.
  • Designed and implemented a database to host the largest colection of plant data in the world for the American Horticultural Society through the generosity of one of their chief benefactors. This database was further leveraged as the base backend for a flower show application that could be simply installed and run on standard windows laptop installations and included such features as online plant search and show management and archival features.

Capgemini November 2008 to November 2009

A global consulting services company with over 90,000 employees worldwide focused on eanabling clients to transform their business and improve performance through the application of technology solutions.

Principle / BPM Practice

  • Oversaw PRPC platform delivery operations within the banking, financial services, and insurance verticals in the United States
    • Drive global definition of training, estimation, delivery planning and methodology for BPM related initiatives globally within the Financial Services Global Business Unit
    • Establish and facilitate alliance relationships in support of sales and solution delivery operations
    • Support sales operations through service offering definition and direct communication with prospects focused on defining solution approaches specifically tailored to each clients unique environment and objectives.
    • Provide Quality Assurance direction and objectives on BPM solution delivery operations across Banking and Insurance sectors
  • Conducted architectural and performance reviews at Farmers Insurance to facilitate closure on project acceptance.
  • Drove readiness assessment initiative with a small team of 5 for implementation of First Notice of Loss system on the PRPC platform at Zurich, NA. Assessment included identification of core processes, web service alignment to business requirements, standards compliance / compatibility of web services, and capability to leverage existing add-on Pega frameworks.

Virtusa Corp., Westborough, MA October 2000 to October 2008

A unique software solutions provider with over 4000 employees that provides global development teams to bring innovative products and services to market quickly by leveraging a geographically dispersed 20 hour work day without incurring the delays inherent in building a top quality team.

Clients: NASCO, AutoOwners Insurance, ServiceMaster, AIU (AIG), First Marblehead, Starwood Hotels, Pegasystems, Lightbridge, EMC, Storage Networks, PFPC, JPMC, Vericept, ING, BCBS of North Carolina

Director of Technology (Reporting to Business Segment VP)

Management Related
  • Managed 200%+ growth of the Pegasystems account within one year while improving overall account margin and utilization of the core account team, driving 16% of the company revenue. Maintained low attrition levels of less than 6% during this period to drive growth of skilled resource pool necessary to support the business expansion.
  • Defined the strategy for and established a multilevel relationship to engage sales, service, support, training, engineering and quality assurance with client organization, laying the foundation for the corporate BPM practice
  • Drove the creation of a professional services organization within the context of the Pegasystems account, setting the initial engagement model and rate structure to enable my business segement to exceed corporate margin objectives.
  • Collaborated with sales organization to achieve 50% close rate on new sales pursuits on PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC) technology based services – structuring the delivery relationship in each engagement and building out the direct engagement model in the Pega (PRPC) practice
  • Drove closure on new engagement commitments to meet 75% of FY07 commited $6M revenue on direct PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC) services deals within the first quarter of the fiscal year
  • Served in advisory capacity to group CIO of a Fortune 500 company to establish longterm BPM technology roadmap and operational framework
  • Established close working relationships with the professional services and customer enablement groups at Pegasystems to ensure managed growth of this account. Worked to define a structured training and ramp-up approach to staffing to manage impact to margin to remain within an acceptable range.
  • Defined and executed training partnership with Pegasystems to become the exclusive training partner in Asia PAC while establishing internal training factory to meet requirement to ramp resources quickly to satisfy the high market demand for resourcing. Structured the relationship to ensure non-solicitation by any organization trained on PRPC in Asia.
Technology Related
  • Scoped infrastructural requirements to meet the demands of a 24 hour development cycle distributed world wide and evaluated different vendors capabilities to fit our needs, also determining the soundness of their technical solutions. Drove the decision making process for software acquisitions corresponding to 15% of corporate revenues subject to CEO approval.
  • Defined the need, requirements, and strategy to implementation revision control and collaboration tools across the enterprise. Directed the implementation team in addition to the allocation of resources, hardware acquisition, load testing, scheduling and coordination of training, and integration of the toolset in support of existing processes.
  • Defined seven service offerings to bring to market for the newly established Pega Practice and currently drive the effort to close the collateral development and service offering approach detail
  • Established best practices in defining an SDLC around PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC) based software development
  • Drove a number of efforts at one of the top 5 insurance companies in the world to resolve architectural issues introduced into process based solutions on PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC)
  • Maintained ongoing professional relationship with engineering VPs at Pegasystems and continues to provide insight to client challenges relating to PRPC and solution approached to resolve the same
  • Drove reengineering project to modify Pegasystems PegaRULES Process Commander product to implement multi-document / window management mechanism in a browser leveraging JS, AJAX, DHTML and Java technologies with substantial reporting to the CEO and board of directors. Achieved a balance in computational loading that dramatically improved scalability, performance and user experience of the product by offloading complex processing to the client machines in a portable fashion. Coordinated overall technical effort of a 50 person team to modify the underlying servlet and presentation layers to meet overall delivery objectives and bring the finished product to market on time.
  • Defined the architectural approach and managed the design and implementation of high performance passive URL blocker integrated with Berkley Packet Filtering capabilities of the Linux Kernel. Accomplished project objectives on time and within budgetary constraints to achieve desired objectives to bring the new product to market. Resulting solution had better block rates than Surf Control and was able to block even locally proxied and cached requests on the LAN. Coordinated effort of a 9 person tactically oriented rapid development team located in the US and India, facilitating the collection, identification, and modification of requirements as the product moved through the development lifecycle.
  • Redefined the architecture and drove the port of a point of sale application for the cellular industry from Power Builder to a Swing/J2EE architecture. The application is intended to scale to 5000 concurrent users and must maintain a high level of availability. In addition, security validation is performed through internally implementing a JAAS integration layer. Integration with external systems to provide customer lookups, phone activation, credit checks and credit card validation were also implemented. Coordinated technical efforts of a 70 engineer team distributed globally between Boston, MA and Hyderabad, India.
  • Provided strategic consultation to corporate board regarding key product offering and the efforts to move their development center. Assisted the same and several other clients in architectural validation efforts and identified cause of performance degradation that jeopardized the product viability in the market place, eliminating impact on the planned release schedule.
  • Designed and lead implementation team in building cross platform performance monitoring API for storage, network, cpu, and memory on Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux and MS Windows NT/2000 with direct integration to OS kernel functionality on all platforms.

Transaction Information Systems, Boston, MA November 1999 To October 2000

A unique software solutions provider that provides contract workforce and project staffing. Headquartered in New York with regional offices in New Jersey, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago, TIS provides leading edge development services for internet based applications. Initially begun to service the financial services industry, the service offerings have been extended to encompass ERP and online publishing.

Development Manager (reporting to Regional Development VP)

  • Coordinated development efforts of four development groups comprised of a total of 18 development personnel dispersed in four geographic locations across the United States to meet development objectives.
  • Implemented make system compatible between MS Windows and Unix systems to improve productivity of developers with MS Windows experience responsible for Unix builds utilizing the Cygwin Unix emulation for the MS Windows implementation and GNU make for all Unix platforms. Standardized builds in regional office on this system and forward results up to corporate offices for implementation as a nationwide standard.
  • Performed analysis of corporate implementation of source control and shortfalls and submitted preliminary findings to corporate offices to be used as a basis for improving utilization of source control systems nationwide.
  • Assembled a team of 6 developers to implement an EJB / XML solution for a highly scalable multimillion dollar project on an aggressive timeline. EJB technology was selected due to associated rapid development, CMP was employed and an automated deployment mechanism was created which utilized the reflective capabilities of the Java language. All weblogic calls were isolated within a single API in order to facilitate the port to IAS 6.0 when it became available. 10 components consisting of 59 EJBs were designed, coded and tested in a four month time span to include a sophisticated role/registration management component in addition to a calendaring/scheduling component. XML was used as the interface between TIS and a partner in the project who provided the UI design/implementation. Xalan & Xerces were utilized for server side processing of the XML/XSL to feed HTML out to the clients/browsers.
  • Responsible for delivery of services generating roughly .5 million in monthly

Scheduling Systems Incorporated, Waltham, MA August 1994 To November 1999

A small custom software provider for operations management solutions, primarily centered around resource management/scheduling. The company had 13 employees on my departure – up from 5 at the time I joined. A leader in providing not only software solutions but consulting services as well to enable airlines to reduce operational costs and improve quality of service and operating margins.

Manager / Technical Project Lead / Software Engineer (Reporting to President)

  • Identified the need for and created the corporate strategy to move from a pure play professional services company to a product company. Established 3 product lines that accounted for 90% of corporate revenue
  • Spearheaded the efforts to reengineer an enterprise application into a product line, driving collaboration with the VP of DEvelopment, thus increasing core technology reuse. The product became the company’s flagship offering, reducing time to market by 50 – 75%.
  • Drove process re-engineering initiatives in the operations centers at several major airlines achieving a net savings of over $1.5B over the applications’ lifetimes.
  • Managed the client relationships with Continental Airlines and UPS, comprising 60% of the company revenue
  • Performed analysis of automation impact to operations centers at two major airlines and worked closely with operations center managers to move from grease-pencil scenario building to a computer assisted mode of operations. Identified, marketed and implemented functional enhancements and additional systems integration to the original functional specification to improve operational efficiency. Resultant integration pushed both airlines into two of the top three on-time performers.
  • Worked closely with senior management representatives from our clients to drive resolution of conflicting requirements specifications from different functional groups under their control.
  • Provided consulting services to Air France internal IT department to facilitate the identification of requirements for their internal development efforts in creating an operations management system.
  • Identified the need for and drove the creation of automated and manual testing procedures to validate functionality of applications, managing corporate quality assurance efforts. Designed and maintained fault tracking for my three product lines in operations at three client locations
  • Designed, implemented and integrated source control and build management scheme with a customizable makefile after identifying a gap in product accountability to customers.
  • Designed and implemented a scheduling algorithm within the first six months of hire that is currently in use at Continental Airlines, United Parcel Service and Northwest Airlines. The two passenger carriers are maintaining their ranking in the top 3 on-time airlines through their use of this product. The product was a pivotal factor in procuring $3 million + in combined contracts from Northwest Airlines and UPS.
  • Primary contact with Continental Airlines and Electronic Data Services for the final phase of the flight operations automation project. Project Manager for the integration of the maintenance tracking mainframe with the Oracle database managed by EDS.
  • Designed proprietary flight operations database used in real time environment at United Parcel Services and Northwest Airlines.
  • Project Manager and Architect for the flight operations automation project with UPS to integrate a legacy maintenance management tool native to the HP-UX operating system and a mainframe flight following system with our flight operations management product backed by an Oracle database.
  • Primary technical contact on maintenance operations management system integration for Northwest Airlines.
  • Provided customer support for previously implemented phases of the Aircraft Routing and Maintenance Planning System (ARMP) at Continental Airlines.
  • Designed the UI and overall systems architecture for a schedule generation and editing utility whose purpose was to provide an easy to read visual representation of a recurring schedule. This system also synchronized changes to the schedule with the server system responsible for schedule generation via the implementation of interfaces based on the observer design pattern.
  • Designed, implemented and integrated two subprocess applications to support airline operations with the ARMP application at Continental Airlines.
  • Identified gap in consistency of code structure and legal disclosure statements and customized EMACS with LISP to support use as a primary development tool for SSI. After further identifying gap in unit testing due to compilation and build difficulties, integrated the build and configuration management system with emacs as well and improved overall ability to compile source code retained in the corporate repository accordingly
  • Completed UPS project 15% under budgeted manpower expenditures.
  • Developed MS-Access based product delivery and fault tracking application using Visual Basic to improve accountability for work performed internally.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, August 1993 – August 1994

Graduate Student

  • Systems Administrator for Mechanical Engineering Department computer lab consisting of 12 Windows 3.11 workstation computers.

United States Army – NATO Site 104, Miesau, Germany 1988 – 1992

Operations Manager

  • Developed and implemented security plans for movements of nuclear weapons
    within Europe and back to the United States.
  • Managed security force for movement of Patriot missiles to Israel during
    the Persian Gulf war.
  • Performed duties as shift manager for security of classified weapons,responsible for performance of 50+ personnel during 24 hour shift work.
  • Managed logistical operations for a 276 personnel unit with over $6,000,000 equipment on hand.
  • Managed a budget in support of logistical operations in excess of $300,000.
  • Projected man power requirements and allocations for future projects involving the 276 personnel in the unit and maintained unit strength at a sufficient level to support operations.


Relationship Management, Account Management, Business Process Management, Operations Management, Logistics Management, Product Management, Project Management, Configuration Management, Practice Management, Asset Management, Budgetary Planning, Customer Support Management


PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC / SmartBPM) 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, & 5.5, AJAX, Systems Integration, Software Design, RUP, Agile, Graphical Interface Design, RCS, CVS, Subversion, StarTeam (Revision Control & Collaboration), Fortran, Pascal, C, C++, Java, J2EE/EJB, XML/XSL, CSS, Javascript, JSON, HTML, DHTML, Xerces, Xalan, Weblogic, Netscape Enterprise Server, Apache, AOLServer, Tomcat, Rational Rose, Visual Basic, Emacs, XWindows/Motif, MS Access 97 & 2000, Object Modeling, LDAP, OpenLDAP, DSML, Database Schema Design, SQL, ProC, Oracle 7.3, 8.1.5, 8.1.7, & 9i, UNIX(HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, LINUX), Korne/C/Bourne Shell scripting, Networking (libpcap, iptables, etc…), Make, Ant, gprof, MS Windows (2000, NT, ME, 98, 95, 3.1), eDocs BillDirect, InstallShield


MS Office, MS Project, Lotus Notes, Network Administration, Finite Element Analysis, Mechanical Engineering, Physical Security (Nuclear), MS-DOS, German, French


Graduate Studies in Mechanical Engineering – Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1994, concentration in Finite Element Analysis, peripheral studies in C and C++ programming languages as well as Object Oriented Design. MSME 95% complete.
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (with Distinction) – Worcester Polytechnic Institute,


National Honor Society
Air Force ROTC 4-Year Scholarship Winner
Army ROTC 4-Year Scholarship Recipient


American Legion
American Mensa
IEEE Software Society