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David is the COO of Beacon BPM Solutions and the President and Founder of PSInd. He has been working in the consulting sector for the banking, financial services, insurance, transportation and telecommunications industries for over 20 years. David began work as an operations consultant after completing his initial tour of duty as an active duty US Army officer with responsibility for operations planning and oversight for site and movement security of nuclear weapons. He has spent considerable time working with Pegasystems building the PRPC BPMS offering and deploying successful BPM implementations on that platform.

Our GeoThermal Install Experience

We first considered GeoThermal a few years ago, but we decided to move forward when our 30 year old AC unit broke down last year and we were looking at a $6K expense to replace it we decided the expense … Continue reading

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Evaluating Home Heating Oil Services

We recently went through the experience of changing our home heating oil delivery service after 17 years with the same provider – it was an eye opening experience. As a consequence of this change we’ve come to the realization that … Continue reading

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Improving Home Energy Usage

A few months ago we had an energy audit performed by Next Step Living courtesy of the Mass Save Home Energy Services program. They identified several areas where we could improve including adding an addition layer of insulation in our … Continue reading

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